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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


For the past several months now, I've been noticing the human race's wastefulness. People are squandering their lives, it seems to me. They are splurging their energies on petty jealousies or vain ambitions or long-standing, bitter grudges. It's a theme that emerges everywhere I turn, as if telling me something. Not that I needed to be told. I know well enough that I myself had wasted.

I'm 26 years old and I believe I may have never have accomplished one single act of consequence. Once, I had planned to travel around the world and be a news reporter and now I'm a stay at home mom instead. The only travelling I get to do now is from the house to the supermarket! It's not that I'm complaining. I just wish I could've done something to fulfill that dream and be a mother at the same time.

I often wished now that when I was younger, I took my own life seriously. I seemed to believe there was some sort of practice life, something I could afford to play around with as if life offered second and third chances to get things right. I was always making clumsy, impetuous rushes toward nowhere.

But, now I realize what the true waste is. It's the failure to notice how much your family and true friends love and support you.

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