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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I love listening to all kinds of musical genres ever since I was a teen. :) Until now, I still do! :) I sometimes think I'm too old to be listening to Rihanna, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Chris Brown, Taio Cruz, Jason Derulo and the list goes on! :)

One of the bands that I've always listened to is Linkin Park. I grew up listening to their music and I watched them evolve as musicians in their genre. Their fourth album, A Thousand Suns, has two songs out, The Catalyst and Waiting For The End. I think, their songs now are more deeper and meaningful. I've read comments and I've heard the same comments from people I know that they don't like their new style. I think we should give the band credit for trying out something new. I personally love Waiting For The End. The lyrics are brilliant and the video is stunning! :) As my brother would say it, "EPIC!". :)

In my opinion, they don't sound so bad now. In fact, I like their music even more! :) They may not sound as loud and explosive as their Hybrid Theory and Meteora albums, but come on! Bands change! They want to experiment and grow in their music! Calling their new album a "waste of money" or "it sucks" or "the worst of LP" is so uncalled for. If those people don't like their new songs, they should just listen to their old music instead. :) It doesn't mean that when a band evolves, people should like their new songs. :)


  1. I could not agree more!!!! It is so true!!! I love old school!!!!! :))

  2. Nothing beats old music! :) I sometimes think music now doesn't make sense. Ok, a few still does. But there are others who sing about sex! Why sing about sex? I just don't get it! :|

  3. ahh we're opposite... i prefer listening to old music,.... as in super old.... like 60's to 80's
    i love Country Music the most
    hope to see you in my blog
    have a great day and happy blogging

  4. Hey! I love music from the the 60's, too! :) I listen to ALL kinds from ALL generation! Hahaha

  5. The universal language. ^_^

    I love music too and I am not choosy what kind of music to listen too. I listen country music, senti love songs, worship songs, reggae, boy bands, al.

    Maybe the things that I hate are those dirty rap songs and ear splitting rock music. Sakit sa tenga eh.

    I also hate songs sung by artistas na feeling magaling pero sintonado. Tsk tsk.