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Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm so glad for friends who are cheering me on. :) Just spent the afternoon with one. :) Thank you for the comfort and hug when I needed it most. :)

Friday, July 08, 2011

Ever since I became single, I've been receiving numerous indecent proposals in Facebook. Yes, indecent. To say it roughly in Tagalog, bastos.

Why are some men like this? They don't know how to respect women. What I find odd about it is, I don't even post sexy photos of myself for them to notice and say such things. Is it because I'm a single mom, they think I would sleep with them? Oh my, I'm not that desperate! I still have enough self-respect and I won't sink that low.

I hope these men will think that what if it happens to someone close to them? What if their own sister was "harassed" this way? Or what of someone does this to their own mother? I hope they think twice before saying and doing such things.

You might ask if I add strangers. I do. But, I always make sure that they are decent men. Not men who are after just what's in between a woman's legs. I do ask these men questions about them and when I feel that they are decent, I welcome them as new friends, but if the conversation turns dirty, I stop replying to the message, reject the friend request and block the person permanently.

I hope these men will keep themselves busy with their jobs, families and friends instead of trying to get a girl to sleep with them.