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Monday, December 20, 2010

Can You Keep A Secret?

I'm currently reading Sophie Kinsella's book, Can You Keep A Secret?. I'm not such a fan of chick-lit because I think the plots are always a cliché. It's not that I have anything against happily-ever-afters, it's just that, I always know what'll happen next and I just don't want to waste my time on reading something so predictable!

Anyway, ranting on chick lits is not the whole point of this post. :) It's about keeping secrets. :) In the book, Emma Corrigan is an optimistic woman who has managed to keep a job in a huge company, Panther Cola for a year and has the perfect relationship with her Ken-like (Yes, as in Barbie and Ken) boyfriend, Connor. Trouble started when she went on a plane ride from a disastrous business meeting in Glasglow. Emma has a fear of flying and when the plane was in turbulence, she started spilling her innermost secrets to the attractive man sitting next to her, thinking that his face will be the last thing she'll be seeing. Utterly embarrassed, Emma quickly gets off the plane and is relieved to think that's the end of it - until the attractive man turns up at her workplace and she realizes she's her boss! Now, you have to read the entire book to know more of Emma's hilarious secrets and what will happen next! :)

Secrets. Don't we all have them? :) Since Emma was able to spill her secrets to a total stranger, I'm going to spill some of mine to you people (I just hope none of you will appear at my workplace and grin at me in a way that you know me! Hahaha)

1. I have a fear of flying! When the plane goes in an air pocket, I hold on to the seat for dear life and I secretly, but frantically look for the air safety manual.

2. I'm scared of going too deep in the water in the beach because I'm afraid the sand underneath will give way and swallow me alive.

3. I think my boyfriend's sister is not pretty, even if everyone thinks that she is.

4. I still dress up my favorite Barbie doll. I change her clothes everyday.

5. Wearing a thong is very uncomfortable for me.

6. When my sister and I were kids, I grabbed her foot in the middle of the night to scare her. Until today, she believes it was a ghost who did it.

7. I've forged my dad's signature lots of times in my Chinese class report card because I was too scared to show him that I had failing marks.

8. When I was 6, I ate my mom's chocolate flavored Chapstick.

9. I often wonder what's it like to have blatant sex in public.

10. I have a friend who tells me that even if she goes out of town with her boyfriend every month, she's still a virgin. I don't believe her.

...and the list goes on! Hahaha

I know we each have our own dirty little secrets. We just have to be careful not to spill all of them! :)

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