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Friday, July 01, 2011

My Daughter Can

My daughter can...

*Say a few words, like, "papa" (this is her favorite. The irony sort of upsets me), "mama", "daddy", "car", "apple", "doll", "Jaja" (her aunt), "Ahya" (older brother in Fukien).

*Walk. A few steps at first, then gradually she walks wherever she can!

*Climb up the stairs.

*Try to eat by herself.

* Climb up and down the sofa and bed.

*Imitate everything adults do here at home.

She is growing up real fast! I try to document each milestone. Unfortunately, I missed documenting some 'cause everything happens so fast and so randomly! :)


  1. Whoa! Your little princess grow up very fast! :-)

    Don't worry if you can't document everything. The good thing is that you are with her as she grow up.

  2. Yes! Very fast! :) Before I know it, I'll be sending her to school na! :) I agree. The milestones will always be in my mind and heart. :)Hindi pwede ma delete yun. :D And yes, what matters is I'm with her, watching her grow. :)