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Monday, December 06, 2010


It's almost Christmas and everyone's raving over the an iPhone 4 and iPad. Almost everyone I know wants these things so bad that (I am starting to believe) they're willing to sell their soul to the devil! I know someone who is heavily in debt now just because he purchased an iPad. I know someone who had to beg her parents and relatives for money and sell most of her things for an iPhone 4. There was even a funny story I heard about a girl who needed braces badly. So, her parents let her choose if she wants braces or an iPhone 4. And, yes, you guessed it. She chose an iPhone 4 over nice teeth! Hahaha

Our neighbor has a maid. Her father is in the province and he is dying. She doesn't think she would be able to spend Christmas with her father because she doesn't have enough money for travel fare. She has been sending money to their province and wasn't able to save money for the trip going back to their province. There's also this lady who won't be able to go home to her family this Christmas because of the same problem. When I heard these stories, it broke my heart. I felt so sorry for them and I also felt so sorry for myself because I can't help them.

Then, it hit me. What is it with owing new gadgets? I have nothing against anyone who follows the latest trends. I, myself would love to own an iPhone 4. :) But, does owning the latest gadgets bring us contentment? After having one (or both) of those things, then what happens next? There will be a series of "oohs" and "ahhs" from everyone you know? If you're a student, you'll be popular in school and be labelled as a "rich kid"? The approving looks of people you pass by? Do you want people to be jealous of you? When I tried to weigh the situations of those people from different walks of life, it made me think that sometimes, what we think are "problems" are nothing compared to the problems of those who are less fortunate. It also makes me think that we tend to be trivial and selfish. I know it's part of human nature, but it's just sad.

Whatever happened to that time when people found joy and beauty in the simplest things?

It's really sad. Really, really sad for me.


  1. I am honestly nervous about posting this! I'm expecting the men and women with torches and pitchforks to come knock on my door anytime! :)

  2. argg!!! it hit me too knowing those sad stories…
    My prayers will reach them :) Have a nice day Ms. K!

  3. so materialistic... those people are the ones that do not know what the real meaning of Christmas is...

    have a great day and happy bloggin!!

  4. Oo. Kawawa talaga yun maid ng kapitbahay namin. Nung kinekwento niya sa akin yun problema niya sa tatay niya, gustong kong umiyak. Awang awa ako pero wala akong magawa. Tapos, heto ang mga tao, problema na para sa kanila ang walang iPhone 4 o iPad. Tama, materialistic.

    Thanks, guys! :)Have a great day, too! :)

    (Medyo wary talaga ako i-post ito kasi baka maka offend ako. :) Baka kasi may makabasa nito na mahilig makiuso at awayin pa ako! Hahaha)

  5. You know what, naisip ko rin yan isang araw noong nasa barko pa ako. Nasa deck ako nuon at walang ginagawa. Tinitingnan ko lang yung mga islands at mga ulap sa langit na dinadaanan ng barko namin. I feel contented that time. I felt the serenity. Then sinabi ko, bakit tayong mga tao, bakit natin ginagawang kumplikado ang mga buhay natin? Ang kailangan lang nating ay pagkain, tahanan, at maayos na pagsasasama sama ng mga tao at Diyos.

    Bakit pa natin kailangang idagdag ang pulitika, greed, mga gadgets at kung anu ano pa sa buhay natin?