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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Blog Noob

This is my first blog entry in Blogger. I've kept blogs before in Xanga (I deleted my account a long time ago) and Multiply (I haven't deleted my account, it's just inactive).

I would just like to tell a little something about myself. :)

Hi, I'm Kashina and I'm a mom of two little girls. My eldest, Kirsten Emmanuelle is 3 years old and my youngest, Audre'ana Caeli Elysia is 7 months old. I'm engaged to Ace, my boyfriend of almost two years. I'm a stay at home mom, attending to my kids 24/7 and 365 days a year! I really hate an unkempt house (it just drives me crazy!), cockroaches and lizards! I love to cook and I'm now trying my hand at baking. During my very rare free time, I love to watch TV, listen to the radio, read books, write poems, and play some Facebook games. When my brother is around, I borrow his PSP and I try my best (and still trying) to beat Tom Clancy's: Ghost Recon Predator. I also love playing PC games like, Left For Dead 2. I do spend some time outdoors! I love going to the beach and just walk by the shore. I love to watch the sun set and star gaze when night falls... :)

This will be my first entry for today. :)

I still consider myself as a blog noob. :) I hope I can somehow hone my writing skills here. :)

Special thanks and mention to Ishmael Fischer Ahab for re-introducing me to the blogging world! :)


  1. Hehe...isang puna? Hindi naman kita pupunain. ^_^

    Good post for a first entry. Keep it up Kash. Ipakilala kita sa iba pang mommy bloggers.

  2. Whew! So far, so good ba? :) Thank you! :) Mommy bloggers? :) Wow! :) Thank you so much! :) I would really love to meet them! :)

  3. >:D< a warm hug ang a :-* kiss

    Welcome to blogsphere Kashina Marie

    It is an honor to have you on my blogroll :)

    One Comment though to your new blog The Frumpy Mom, you've set the Language of your blog to Tagalog which will cause you a problem later on…
    I would suggest in your Dashboard> Settings Tab> Language use English (Philippines) instead :)

    Welcome Aboard!

  4. Thank you so much for the warm welcome! :)

    Oh, yes! The language! I keep forgetting to fix it! :) Thank you for the info! :)

  5. I also hate house lizards. I always imagine that they might fall on me while I'm sleeping or something. Can you follow my new blog too? I'm following your blog now. Thanks.